Life Insurance for HIV

Medical Conditions and Life Insurance: HIV

HIV+ applicants have previously been only able to obtain accidental death coverage, however full life insurance coverage is now available, providing options to protect wealth and families. Certain conditions are required to be met, however this marks a major improvement in the Australian Life Insurance market.

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Life Insurance Glossary

Life Insurance Glossary We have listed a range of common life insurance terms. Terms may vary slightly between individual insurers and may change over time. All efforts have been made …

what is trauma insurance

What is Trauma Insurance?

Trauma Insurance is a lump sum cover that pays on a listed critical illnesses including, Heart Attack, Cancer and Stroke. Trauma Insurance policies vary significantly and comprehensive policies should be sought.

What is Life Insurance

What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is one of the simplest policies available. Life Insurance provides a lump sum benefit on the death of a person to the nominated beneficiary. Do you understand life insurance?

Life Insurance Buy Back Option

Life Insurance Buy Back Option

Life Insurance Buy Back is a low cost option to ensure that the value of a bundled life insurance policy is maintained after a TPD or Trauma Insurance claim. Some life insurance companies offer this option at no cost!

Life Insurance Myth

Life Insurance Myths

What are the top life insurance myths that we hear? We hear from alot of people, and we have collated our top 5 insurance myths. Have a myth of your own or not quite sure on a fact? Comment with your life insurance myth!