Assets v Liabilities

Is that an Asset I see? Assets vs Liability

How do you differentiate between an asset or liability? A key to building wealth is knowing what makes an asset and how a liability costs you money! Our guide to assets and liabilities might surprise you – not all common items should be considered assets!

Air Con vs Fans 2

Air conditioning v Fans

The Australian summer is hot! Before you crank up your air-conditioner while your lonely fan is hidden away in the cupboard, find out how much your air conditioner costs you! Fans can be effective and when teamed up with your air con, you can save thousands!

Saving Money

Tips to Save Money! Part 2

Hungry for more money saving tips after our first installment? Our MoneyGeek is hard at work finding money saving tips to help you take control of your finances! Read our second money tips installment!

Saving Money

Tips to Save Money! Part 1

Wonder where all your money goes each week? Our money geeks have hundreds of tips to save you money by following some simple money tips! Our first installment of the MoneyGeek saving tips have the biggest impact, start here and you will be well on your way!

How to make a budget

How to create a budget plan – Budgeting 101

How do you start to grow your money? Budgeting! Wealth starts with a budget, but how do you start? The MoneyGeek gives an easy, step by step guide to building and maintaining your budget. Succeed in budgeting and you will succeed in becoming your own Money Geek!